Company Location Geraldton, Australia
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Company Phone 0899359511

Twomeys Mining and Engineering Pty Ltd, more commonly known as Twomeys.  Pronounced “two meezz”.

We are a mine service contractor servicing the WA mining industry from our base in Geraldton, Western Australia.  Geraldton is uniquely located to efficiently service Kalgoorlie, Mid West, Gascoyne and Pilbara mining areas of Western Australia. Geraldton is also home to a large number of experienced mine workers in addition to being close to Perth.

We provide:

  • fabrication and maintenance for all fixed mining plant;
  • experienced and quality labor hire for your project and shut down needs.

Our large fabrication workshop is equipped with all the modern equipment to undertake all your fabrication and maintenance needs.

Twomeys owners have grown up servicing the mining industry, coming from the Twomeys, Twomeys Mining and Engineering and then TME Group Pty Ltd companies all formerly trading from the workshop at 86 Flores Road.

This group started in the 1950’s and has over the years produced some of the best tradespeople still working in the WA mining industry today. The owners of Twomeys today come from  this rich heritage and will provide you with a contracting company that understand the demands of the 24/7 mining industry, understands the need for instant response, and understands the need to maintain and increase production.

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